Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fit by Rebekah Weatherspoon


Firstly, I want say how floored and honored I am to be in this book’s ‘Acknowledgements’

I liked the MCs, Grant and Violet, but I can’t decide if I liked them together.  I think it had to do with “Fit” being too short to have much relationship development between the two.  

I can’t think of a better word to describe Violet other than ‘spunky.’  Though, thinking on the genre of this book, that might be a tad inappropriate.  I empathized greatly with her struggles to lose weight and how she felt about her body.  And very rarely do I see asian women in romance-erotica, so that was a plus.

I was creeped out by Grant at first.  I must be the only person who doesn’t facebook stalk people.  Sure, you never know who you’re meeting when referred to by a friend, but I’m just not the type of person who cares that much.  After he stalked Violet, it made me want to check my privacy settings on all my social networking accounts.  I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t want people all up in my business.

I was expecting a lot more D/s than what was in the book.  I wanted more of Grant being a ‘Dominer’ and Violet being a ‘Submitter.’  I thought the slow burn to getting the ‘D’ was amazing though and was satisfied when Grand and Violet finally got it on.  It was torturous for me, so I can imagine what it was doing to Violet.

Overall, I just wanted more.  I’m not sure what’s in store for book 3 in the Fit Trilogy, but I hope Ms. Weatherspoon revisits Grant and Violet’s story.  I feel like their relationship/story ended just as it was getting good.

3.5 Stars.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet



I got this because it came recommended by a few friends on goodreads and it got very high ratings.  I ended up just feeling okay about this first book in the THIRDS series.

By the end Hell & High Water, I just couldn’t warm up to Dex.  His personality rubbed me the wrong way and I didn’t find him as charming as the characters in the book did (save for Ash).  I’m just not a fan of characters everyone likes (eventually) or wants to bang (save for Ash).  And his “jokes?”  Corny as hell.  Are you 31 or 13, bro?  I was rolling my eyes every time he made a joke.  He couldn’t be on my time for that alone.

I didn’t expect to know everything about Sloane, but he still remained a bit of a mystery and therefore I couldn’t warm up to him either.  But he was more tolerable than Dex.  Hell, I even liked Ash more than Dex.

I think what really gets my goat about this book is that I figured out the ENTIRE “mystery” at about half-way through the book (page 145 to be exact), which is actually when the book starts to get good.  Kind of anyway.  And once I figured out who the culprit was and why, I was frustrated that it took Destructive Delta until about page 250 to figure it out.  Having it take that many pages made this book drag.

I honestly think this book could’ve been cut down a lot.  I appreciate Cochet’s attention to detail to the settings, but sometimes I didn’t care what the room looked like and it took away from interpersonal details between team mates.  I would’ve liked to have been shown Destructive Delta slowly warming up to Dex rather than instantly liking him after a day.

All in all, this didn’t live up to the hype.  But I’ll continue reading the series hoping to see Ash and Cael hook up on page.  Or just skip to that book entirely.

3.5 Stars.

Monday, September 1, 2014

All our books are on sale at!


All our books are on sale at!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

LGBTQ Publishing House Seeking Illustrators


To all the lovely, talented, amazing artists (that includes you, fanartists!) sharing your talents on Tumblr: Do you want to see your artwork on the cover of a book? We’re hiring!

We’re seeking freelance painters (primarily digital, but traditional is fine too if you have an excellent camera/scanner setup) to create illustrations for our our print and digital book covers. Experience is not necessary, and we’re hiring worldwide. What we expect of you is skill, creative flair, the ability to paint a photo-realistic image without a reference (or to find and license any necessary reference(s) for faces/bodies/backgrounds on stock photo sites), the capacity to accept critical feedback and revise as necessary, a strong command of English (or someone who can translate nuanced details for you), and the absolute ability to hit deadlines.

To get a sense of our house aesthetic, please check out our existing illustrated covers (by: Imaliea, Simone, Petite-Madame, April Lee, Del Melchionda, Kirby Crow, Roberto Quintero, Littleskrib, and Vongue). Fandom folks will likely recognize many of these painters; we LOVE fandom artists and would love to work with more of you!

Commission rates range from roughly $100 to $500 per image, depending on your experience, turnaround times, image complexity, image size (full jacket or front cover only), and inclusion or exclusion of typographic elements/cover design. Please note we buy the copyright, though you retain the right to display all images in your online and offline portfolios, and you receive full credit on the copyright page and our website (and a copy of the book you illustrated for). If you’re a good fit with the company and enjoy the work, we may keep you quite busy :)

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, please send a cover letter and a link to your portfolio to artdirector (at) riptidepublishing (dot) com. It’s fine if your portfolio is all fandom work, but we need to know you can paint backgrounds as well as bodies and faces, so please display as much variety as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Us Three by Mia Kerick



This book was an attempt at writing a rarely, if ever, seen look into polyamory between three high school students.  That’s the reason why I picked this up.  I can’t decide if it succeeded or failed.  Perhaps it succeeded in some areas and failed in others.

It took me a while to get into the writing style and structure, which is why it took me so long to actually get passed the first few pages.  The unique way Kerick portrayed each other MCs’ point of view was interesting.  But I wish that Zander and Nate’s points of view were in real time like Casey’s.  Zander emailing his brother and Nate writing in his diary came off as more telling than showing and a lot of information was lost between each transition and it made the story seem really uneven.

Also, I felt the prose were detailed in the wrong places.  Like, I didn’t care about the food they were eating or what food they made.  It didn’t do anything for the story.  I would’ve loved more relationship development between the threesome.  More dates, more opening up.

The bullying parts of the storyline annoyed me.  It’s not even that it wasn’t realistic, because kids can be horribly cruel and spawns of satan.  But why weren’t charges pressed the first time?  And what those girls were doing was a punishable-by-law act.  If I were Casey’s parents, the entire school system would’ve been burned to the ground. Adding on to the fact that we have the “bitchy women/girls” trope running rampant throughout, I just wasn’t feeling that aspect at all.

However, I did like Zander’s part in the anti-bullying campaign and his own coming out were very touching.  Not very proactive in the beginning and we didn’t get to actually “see” him forming a GSA (just what we’re told), but touching.

Nate was by far my favorite.  I love tough, but gentle giants with broken pasts.  I would’ve loved more of him and his sister.

Casey?  Eh….he was a bit overdramatic for my taste.  I felt for him and empathized with him a lot.  But I got annoyed with how much of a doormat he was.  I understand wanting to be liked and wanting to be part of the popular crowd.  But I could not understand going back to those girls after what they did the first time.

"Us Three" just ended too abruptly for my liking, so I wonder if they’ll be a possible sequel.  I’d like to see Nate, Zander, and Casey in their relationship as (new) adults.

2.75 Stars

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Scale by Mika Jolie


I got this book on a whim and it was a good decision on my part.  I’ve been flunking hardcore on finding decent black heroine romance and “The Scale” is like a needle in a haystack.  I’m glad I found this treasure.

The premise of being in love with your sister’s boyfriend pulled me in immediately.  I really sympathized with Minka’s struggle with her weight, insecurities, and never being someone’s first choice romantically.  I saw myself in Mika’s shoes, though I’m sure I’m destined to be forever alone.  And I felt like I was being called out on my bullshit when Mika was being called out on her, haha.

I liked all the characters.  Even though the meddling friends and family and romance trickery tropes were pretty constant throughout, it didn’t grate on my nerves like it usually does.  Probably because the relationships/friendships between everyone just came off naturally and didn’t seem like it was some forced plot point.

Though I am kind of tired of the rich, playboy hero who gets tamed by the practical virgin heroine trope.  Very rarely is the reverse true or both hero and heroine have the same amount of sexual bravado.  Perhaps I’m not looking in the right places.

What a great start to a new series.  This is pretty decent debut from this author and I’ll definitely be reading more of her stuff.

4 stars

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Beginning by Vicktor Alexander


I originally got this because the excerpt made me laugh.  Actually, this line is what really reeled me in:

Ronny’s eyes widened. He’d read enough romance novels to know what that word meant and he also knew that there was never a black man or woman involved in something like that. Mates seemed to be only for other races, so there was no way that he could be somebody’s mate. 

It’s a true statement depending on what romance you’re reading.  But it just made me cackle so I said eff it.  I was looking for something absurd and I got exactly that.

To be honest, I was looking up ‘mpreg’ on ARe and goodreads and this popped up.  Mpreg is the final frontier for me.  I’ve read and accepted a lot off-the-wall shit, but mpreg is such a record scratch in my head.  Cisgender men getting pregnant and giving birth is just so beyond my comprehension.

So anyway, so when I decided to buy this, I knew I was getting into the height of absurdity.  But it turned out to be quite interesting and I got into the story.  It starts off like most shifter romances do— mate meets mate and insta-love ensues— but the changing of biblical history got me paying attention. 

All the similar sounding/looking “biblical” names made it really hard to follow the world building and in some parts, distracted from the current day timeline part of the story.  I found the prologue and flashbacks out of whack with the rest of the story.  In that instance, I’d be totally okay with more telling than showing and staying with Cole and Robby.  And there was superfluous information that didn’t help do any for the story (eg- shopping for furniture).

As far as the mpreg was concerned, I was expecting more.  But no one seemed to know anything in that regard.  On the one hand, I would’ve liked more focus on the mpreg, but on the other hand, I’m glad it wasn’t as graphic as I feel it could’ve been.  I’m still confused on the hows and the whys, but it’s fantasy, I can look over it.

There were a lot of characters, possibly too many, and the destined mates are supposed to save the world.  While the writing could’ve been tighter and the world the book is based in could’ve been explained better, I’m definitely interested in where this series is going.

3.25 Stars

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Perfect Dream by Raven J. Spencer


I don’t know how I feel about this, to be honest.  LOVED the first 20 pages and the last two and half.  But those four-ish pages in between was like a record scratch in my head.

So Beatrice is a seen-but-not-heard wife to a politician.  It’s simply a marriage of convenience, neither really happy, but they have an arrangement:  Beatrice gets to live the life of wealth and privilege on her husband’s dime, while he galavants around being an anti-gay sleezeball.   Beatrice spends that money planning trips to lesbian sex parties that last for a few days.  

(I’m jealous and reminded how poor I am because I’m pretty sure things like this exist if you have enough money and know the right people)

First off, the sex?  Hells yes. Just….damn, girl.  And by ‘girl’ I mean Mrs. Spencer.  The sex scenes between everyone was extremely sensual and hot.  Sexy and sensual, but not overly detailed.  I could see everything play out in my head beautifully.  It made my skin tingle deliciously. 

We didn’t get much background about Beatrice, but I actually felt bad for her.  Not everyone can be out, and I feel like Beatrice wanting to stay in the life she’d grown accustomed to was only part of the reason.  Sure it was convenient and easier, but to purposefully stay in an unhappy marriage to a man who makes policies against people like her?  There has to be something else behind it.  I can’t be reading too much into it, can I?

I’m sorry, but Sage still owed Beatrice an apology.  Sage could be up on that out and proud high horse all she wanted to, but she still majorly betrayed not only Beatrice, but the other women that participated in A Perfect Dream.  And to not feel a bit remorseful about it because Beatrice was a hypocrite?  Who isn’t?  Who hasn’t been?  Nah.  Nope.  Not here for it.

Bottom line, I just wasn’t happy with Beatrice finding love (I say that loosely) with Sage.  I would’ve been happier with Beatrice finding her own inner power to stand on her own feet with a big flipping bird to Sage (and her husband) and start her new life.  Then maybe after that, her and Sage could talk.

But I wish Beatrice the best of luck regardless.

3.5 Stars

The author provided a copy of this book for an honest review.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Worth the Seeing Through by Lisa M. Owens



I was waiting for this book to come out since the ending of Worth the Coming Home.  I always felt Guy got such a rotten deal in that book and I really wanted him to have his own story.  So I was happy to see that this book finally came out.

However, I was really disappointed that this wasn’t Guy’s book.  Sure Guy was in it, but the book isn’t from his POV like I was truly hoping. Guy’s POV wasn’t explored at all.  

 Instead, it’s from Connor’s POV.  Connor raised the biggest red flag for me:  Moving to a completely different city to be with a man who a) stopped communicating with you and b) you’ve been driving by his house/work without saying anything for weeks is considered STALKING.  But it’s okay because it’s true love.  I can look passed that, I guess.

Because Guy’s personality wasn’t explored, I still feel like we know nothing about him, only what other characters say about him.  He had a flare for the dramatic, sure, but he was a complex character.  I would’ve found him much more interesting than Connor’s whiny, jealous inner ramblings.  But I admit, the whole dinner party theatrics at the end had so much secondhand embarrassment.

Also, Josh was still a horrible friend.  First, it takes you days to see about him in the hospital.  Then, you don’t want to take him home with you to make sure he gets on his feet, but leave him with a complete stranger.  AND THEN, you get married and don’t even invite him!  But Josh considered Guy a best friend?  Yeah, okay, bruh.

So once again, Guy gets a rotten deal.  This time from his own creator

2.5 Stars.

Friday, July 18, 2014 Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texas Rough by Sara York



This…wasn’t good.  I feel like I attempted to read a book by Sara York before, but was unsuccessful.  I managed to get through this, though I skimmed the majority of this book.

The was more sex than story/plot and they were boring to boot. And the love triangle was so unnecessary and Riley was a creep. And I would really question Lane’s love if another man’s attention made him practically stray and believe whatever Riley told him. I wouldn’t have taken Lane back had I been Gresh.  

Here you have two closeted men, both emotionally scarred in someway, York could’ve done so much with that.  Everything about Gresh and Lane’s relationship was so superficial and shallow.

And was the last 10 or so pages truly necessary?  I have a very hard time believing a black man would have really attacked a white man.  Not in southern Texas (or Texas, period.), gay or not.  I mean, it happens, but they would’ve put Adam UNDER the jail.

There was just so many needless events and not enough depth to the characters that made this novella ‘rough’ to get through.

1 star.

Monday, July 7, 2014

It’s Complicated by L.A. Witt



This was alright.  I wanted to read this book because the baby-drama angle.  I felt like I came in at the middle-end of Brad and Jeff’s relationship.  I’ve only read book one in the Tucker Springs series, but reading the blurbs of the other books, there didn’t seem to be another book starring this couple.  Perhaps I should’ve read the previous book(s) in the series, but I don’t think I would’ve gotten as much information as I needed to understand the relationship between Brad and Jeff prior to the start of this book.

I didn’t need a complete rehash of their relationship, but just something more than background information.  I guess it wasn’t particularly necessary, but it would’ve helped in getting to know the characters a better beyond the fights and the bickering.  

Usually I need multiple POVs, but I couldn’t differentiate between Brad and Jeff’s voices.  I kept getting confused as to who was saying what and who was having the baby with Christine.  I also thought their problems could’ve been solved by asking simple questions.  Like, will you go to Denver with me?  Would you help me take over the shop?  Things that could’ve been discussed but were only glossed over in the end.  I didn’t blame Brad for simply just letting go.  As a reader, I couldn’t really see why they were hanging on to their relationship because we didn’t really get a glimpse into what they were like before.  It really started to feel like they just wanted to stay together for the sex.

I don’t resent Christine wanting to leave.  It could’ve come at a better time, but I don’t blame her at all.  I wouldn’t want my child growing up being the only black kid around.  And I truly hope that, if the series continues, that both authors will have more diversity in the books.

I could go on and on about this.  Bottomline, by the end I didn’t really have much hope that they’d be together long term and it seemed like the bad outweighed the good in their relationship.  Hopefully their ending is truly happily ever after instead of happy for now.

2.5 stars

An ARC copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Contemporary Colors by Adrienne Wilder


This book is intense.  It took me a few chapters to really get into it, but once the momentum got going, I couldn’t put it down.

I was really drawn into the mystery of Paris’ past traumas.  I usually have a a low tolerance for rich, ~tortured~ artists, but the mystery surrounding his mental illness intrigued me.  Though I was surprised he wasn’t diagnosed with some form of synesthesia/ideasthesia.  

I wanted more of a romance between Roy and Paris.  I’m  bit of a traditionalist when it comes to reading romance.  I prefer that I only see the main couple have sex on-page and, if there has to be a random hook-up, I’d rather it were implied.  Especially when the sex scenes without Roy were so seedy.  So many diseases could’ve been spread between all parties.  Sure, people were “clean” but it still made me uneasy.  In my perception, there just wasn’t a lot of relationship development between Roy and Paris because I felt so wrapped up in Paris’s problems that Roy just seemed like another body.  But through his actions, I could see Roy was a good guy and did right by Paris.

I think it took a little too long to reveal what happened to Paris.  I got bored in some parts, but my need to know what happened kept be going.  Actually the need to see Julia’s utter demise was what kept me reading.  I instantly hated her and wished nothing but the worst for her when everything was over and I was completely satisfied in that regard.  And I wanted something to happen to Alice.  Nothing as bad as Julia per se, but she was a victim blamer and did nothing to stop the abuse Paris went through and got off practically scott free.  That was unsatisfying.  

Overall, this was a good read.  I like psychological thrillers even though they stress me out, haha.  But by the end, there were still some unanswered questions that I’d wish had been addressed.  Too many people got away with horrible crimes and that’s always something I have a hard time swallowing when reading books like this.

3.5 Stars.

*An ARC copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sagittarius: Mr. November by Pepper Espinoza


I don’t have a lengthly review for this one.  I’ve read the majority of the books in the pepper espinoza/vivien dean/jamie craig “Boys of the Zodiac” series and this one has been on my to-read-wishlist for a long time.  So I thought, why not?

I like interracial and sports romances, so I was looking forward to reading this.  I’m also a fan of Pepper’s work; she’s one of the first m/m authors I started reading when I got into the genre.  Plus, I’m a sagittarius and had to get it, mostly for that ;)


This was a solid read.  My only complaints is that I wish there had been more relationship development between DeShawn and Patton.  And I would’ve liked more of DeShawn’s POV.  From the blurb, you’d expect a relatively equal alternating POV, but it was mostly just Patton contemplating his life as an aging athlete.  I would’ve like less of the technical mumbo-jumbo about the american football games they played, which would be lost on anyone who wasn’t extremely familiar with the sport.  I just continued reading pretending like I knew what was going on, like I mostly do when I attempt to watch sports.  Live or on TV.  The pages were scrolling away and they were still playing football at the 15% mark and I was nervous nothing was going to be resolved.  The MCs were two closeted athletes, that alone could’ve created the drama that the football games lacked.  I know it’s not always about the drama, but I’m sure it’d be more exciting that reading about a football game.

Their story ended on a such happy-for-now note (and it feels like nothing was really resolved), that I’d like to read more about them again.  

3 stars.